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These are some of the key qualities that couples planning their weddings are usually seeking. You want a service that captures your unique personalities and reflects your lifestyle. You want to be part of planning the ceremony, and yet seek a guide with experience and sensitivity who can blend your vision with a wide variety of formats available.

My training and 15 years of active ministry as a Catholic priest in Western Washington included preparing a large number of couples for marriage and officiating at their weddings. Since resigning from clerical ministry in order to marry, I have conducted an ecumenical wedding ministry under the auspices of the Federation of Christian Ministries for 25 years at weddings for hundreds of couples from a broad spectrum of belief backgrounds. My ministry is certified by the Federation of Christian Ministries and meets state requirements for officiating at weddings. Two planning sessions prior to the wedding enable me to get to know each couple and to work with you to create a ceremony that is unique and authentic to you.

My wedding ministry has brought me the endorsement of a number of quality facilities which recommend my services to the couples they serve. These include the Olympic Hotel, Salish Lodge, Woodmark Hotel, Edgewater Hotel, Stimson-Green Mansion, Skansonia Ferry, Hollywood Schoolhouse, Willows Resort and others.

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Equally impressive is the enthusiasm of the couples for whom I have officiated.
The quotes below are a sampling of comments from thank-you notes I have received. They affirm my ability to customize each ceremony so that it is a warm and upbeat celebration of the couple that becomes the highlight of the whole wedding event.


"Just a quick note to thank you for the wonderful officiating you did at our wedding. The ceremony was beautiful and elegant, and our guests marveled over how warm and intimate it was. And we really had fun during the ceremony!!  We smiled and laughed and it was an incredible feeling to look out at our families and see them doing the same. You did a fantastic job of capturing who we are. We sincerely appreciate it." Mardi & Dave

"I can't believe its already been 6 months since our wedding. This is long overdue but thank you so much for the sensational job you did officiating our wedding. You personalized our wedding ceremony in a way I never thought possible. You're a true professional and very passionate about your work, which was apparent to all. We really appreciated your thorough guidance in planning our ceremony, which was monumental in its success. We must have received some 20 compliments on your behalf." Steve & Genevieve

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"As we sit and celebrate and recall our wedding day of 6 months ago - our thoughts are of you and the wonderful ceremony you "created". We can't thank you enough for making our celebration one of humor, joy, reverence, and love. You were able to capture our hearts and share our feeling with all of our loved ones. So many of our photographs are filled with laughter and's great. Please know that you will always be in our hearts and memories. With love and affection."  Paul & Bojie

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"Just can't thank you enough for the wonderful wedding ceremony you performed for us. It was absolutely perfect. Your sense of humor really put me at ease when I was feeling so nervous!! Thank you for personalizing the ceremony for us with your story about how we met, etc. We loved our wedding day and you played a most important part in it." Maureen & George

  "We want to thank you again for everything you did to make our wedding day very special. The ceremony was warm, touching and so personalized!! So many of our family and friends commented on the ceremony and how much they enjoyed it (the best they'd experienced, in fact). We thought so, too! Please feel free to use us as references who heartily support your ministry. Thanks again for everything you did to make our special day very sacred and memorable." Helen & Ruben

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"David and I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with how the wedding went, and especially the ceremony.  It turned out even better than we had imagined it.   Your personal touches really made it special.  We got compliments from everyone who attended.  They described it as "elegant, but fun", which is just what we had hoped for.  Our families were both touched and amused at the way you were able to incorporate our own personal stories, but also maintain the sense of tradition and reverence.  You've helped provide us a terrific beginning to our life together and an wonderful memory for us to look back on throughout the coming years."   Patricia and David

"I'm not sure where to begin in thanking you for our wedding day, other than to tell you that pretty much every person we talked to said it was the best ceremony they had ever been a part of.  We owe it to you!  You just totally surpassed our expectations and we are so grateful to you for making our wedding day so meaningful.   And you were "under the gun", so to speak, with the time frame, but no one knew.  I know our location was out of your way - your taking control of the rehearsal was a total life saver!  Good luck to you in the future and take care, Pat."   Sue and Scott

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"Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful and memorable wedding ceremony for us. Many, many of our guests asked who you were and almost everyone commented it was one of the best, if not THE best ceremony they had ever attended. Special thanks for adding humor and warmth to the event - it was perfect. We enjoyed, and many guests also mentioned, the wedding party facing their guests - that really creates a sense of togetherness." John & Nancy

"It takes a bit of a "leap of faith" when one hires an officiant.  Certainly with a reference like our wedding coordinator Stephanie Solomon it would be difficult to go wrong but I never imagined it would be so perfect.  We loved your style, your humor, your tenderness and joy.  You are positive, energetic, and you have a wonderful presence.  You put us and our guests at ease.  Thank you for your wonderful work and for making our ceremony so beautiful and memorable."     Annie and Carter
"Where do we start?  The ceremony was wonderful.  Your blend of humor and style and the way in which you personalized our ceremony made it a memorable experience that we will never forget.  We continue to receive compliments from our guests."         Jennifer & Eric
"Thank you so much for the wonderful wedding ceremony you performed for us.  We received many, many compliments from our guests.  They loved how personal it was and our family members felt they learned more about us and our love.  We couldn't have been happier with how special our ceremony was !!  Thanks again for the wonderful work you do!! ''          Stacy & Brian
"We wanted to thank you again for everything you did to make our wedding day very special.  The ceremony was warm, touching and so personalized.  So many of our family and friends commented on the ceremony and how much they enjoyed it (the best they'd experienced in fact) !!  We thought so, too !!  Please feel free to use as references who heartily support your ministry."    Helen & Chuck
"Thank you so very much for officiating our wedding.  I have had so many people come to me and praise your words.  You have reminded them of the reasons why they tied the knot.  You certainly brought the romantic ambiance that we were seeking.  Thank you for such an amazing time - we will always cherish this memory."        Veronica & Mikael
"What great luck it was for us to find you !  The wedding ceremony you gave us was the cherry on top of a perfect day.   The words you spoke were inspired.  Not only did they give us a solid base of wisdom on which to start our life together, they served to unite all of us in the room.  Everyone there was powerfully touched. So many remarked that it was the most beautiful and inspiring wedding ceremony they had witnessed.   Thanks you for your kindness, generosity and guidance.  With your help, we were able to have a very personal, intimate ceremony that embraced every person on the room.  We are forever grateful."
Karen and Rob
"Rev. Pat - Thank You for everything you did to make our wedding such a memorable event! We are still hearing from people that they's never been to a more intimate, personal ceremony. We feel the same way. You really took the time to get know Zach and me and really captured our essence in your words. It couldn't have been more perfect. You really drew everyone in and made them feel a part of the experience. I'll always remember feeling at one with not only Zach but the special people we asked to be with us that night. Thanks you again for your beautiful words and lovely way. God Bless."
Jennifer & Zach
"Rev. Pat - What is the core to a wedding? Certainly it is both the bride and groom. But with just as much weight, it is the officiant. For he/she provides the structure, tone, emotion and feel of the event. Yesterday was Wonderful !! And so much of that "wonder" was because of you. Let us assure you of that. We searched for someone just like you. The Woodmark didn't lead us to you. It was a deliberate Google search of "former Catholic Priest, officiant, wedding Seattle" that lead us to you. The phone conversation cinched it. I just knew in my bones that you were the one. You and Us were meant to be. "Thank You" doesn't come close and sounds too simple to properly express the depth of gratitude that we feel. "Thank You" comes not just from Jeff and me, but also from each of our family members. You connected with each of them and gave them all the special gift of your presence. Thanks you for your wisdom, words, gracious facilitation and gentle kindness."
Kathleen and Jeff

Please contact me for further information or to arrange an initial meeting:

Reverend Patrick Callahan
Married priest

928 - 33rd Ave. S.
Seattle, Washington
(206) 329-1234

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